September 27-30, 2022

III International Security Exhibition

IEC, Kyiv


The date of the exhibition is being clarified, follow the update on our website!

Time left until EXPERT SECURITY 2022:

Dear participants and guests of the exhibition!

Security is the foundation of normal life of all citizens, operation of public and private institutions and enterprises, and therefore the state treats the protection of these objects as the protection of the public good, and attaches strategic importance to this protection.

The exhibition of security systems Expert Security is an effective tool to help the state strengthen public security through expert communication with industry leaders, implementation of the latest technologies in Ukraine, which are constantly being introduced in the security market, and encouraging citizens to take more responsibility for personal safety.

Expert Security is also a platform that brings together manufacturers and distributors of physical and cyber security systems not only with end users, but also with businesses involved in the sale, installation, integration and maintenance of such systems.

is the best option
to expand your business into the Ukrainian security market

LEGISLATION ‑ Ukraine gradually implements EU and NATO security standards, moving towards deeper integration into the world security community, which will help revitalize the market

HIGH DEFERRED DEMAND OF THE GENERAL PUBLIC ‑ personal security, home security and security services have not been a priority in Ukrainian society for a long time, but due to the state of constant heightened danger in the country there is a growing overall demand in the security equipment and services industry

INTENSIFICATION OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE PUBLIC SECURITY SYSTEM ‑ a few years ago local authorities got the right for independent budgeting, which gives an opportunity to allocate more funding for security measures. In addition, various structures and organizations possess their own separate security and protection equipment, which needs to be integrated into a unified nationwide system; traffic violation detection systems are just being launched

THE INCREASE IN DEMAND FOR VIDEO ANALYTICS SERVICES coincides with general global trends

INCREASING DEMAND FOR DIGITAL IDENTIFICATION AND CYBERSECURITY SOLUTIONS given the country's transition to Western standards and the rapid pace of digitalization and widespread use of digital services by the general public

Target audience

companies engaged in the design, installation, integration and sales of security systems

security companies

top and middle security managers of private enterprises in various sectors of the economy, regime facilities and critical infrastructure facilities

top state officials and local authorities who make decisions on the implementation of large‑scale projects in safety and security sector

representatives of law enforcement agencies and special services

people interested in the security of their property

Some of the brands at Expert Security-2021:

Working hours of the exhibition:

September 27: 10:00-18:00
September 28: 10:00-18:00
September 29: 10:00-18:00
September 30: 10:00-16:00


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